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The RAD Drag Racing team consists of three primary race cars and close to a dozen sponsored team cars. The primary cars include a supercharged Top Dragster capable of mid 6's at over 200 mph, driven by owner Dan Provost. Dan also drives a a low to mid 7 second Top Sportsman Firebird. The third car is diven by Dan's son Darien. It is a seven second Jr Dragster.

The RAD Team includes Dan and Darien Provost (click their name to go to the profile page) and the list below.

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Dan Provost Top Dragster, Top Sportsman, Super Comp
Darien Provost Jr Dragster

The rest of the team.

Al Quigley - Super Pro Leo Grocock - Blown Outlaw John Tabak - Sportsman Greg Doughty - Top Dragster Shane Molinari - Pro Mod
Ken Sihota -Outlaw 10.5 Chris Gulitti - Top Sportsman Chris Gulitti - Top Dragster Cory Gulitti - Jr Dragster Casey Plaizier - Stock/S.Street
Paul Nero - Top Dragster Joe Sorenson -Stock Steve Downes - Top Sportsman Scott Sikora - Jr Dragster


November 30, 2015

The Mission Receway awards dinner/banquet was held last Saturday and RAD was well represented.

Darien Provost finished second in Jr Lightning

RAD shop manager Greg Doughty is the Super Pro champion and he also won the champions quilt below.

Scott Sikora was the Jr. Lghtning points champion.

John Tabak is the Sportsman class champion.

Scott and "Roach" presented Dan with a framed print of Darien and Scott in action as a show of appreciation for their sponsorship.

It was a great time for all, MRP thanks Dan for donating three Canucks tickets as for the silent auction then he bought the tickets back to show his support for Team Mission.


November 12, 2015

The season is complete for RAD Drag racing up North and all events except for the Street Car Super Nationals. Ken Sihota will compete there in Outlaw 10.5 with RAD as a major sponsor. He is one of the favorites in 10.5.

November 10, 2015

At Las Vegas there were a number of RAD cars in attendance and the sponsorship played a roll in a world championship. Marco Abruzzi won the World title in Top Dragster and he used Chris Gulitti's RAD backed dragster to clinch the victory.

Dan went to round three in Top Dragster. The car spun on the starting line and he lost by .01.

Al Quigley drive Dan's new Top Sportsman ride, the ex Steve Downs S-10. Al went red in round one.

Zak Clarke lost in round two of Top Sportsman when he gave it back on the top end.

Chris Gulitti advanced to the fourth round where he lost to Gary Forkner. Both Casey and Eddie Plaizier lost in round one.

August-September 2015

Not a productive couple months month for Dan in Top Dragster. He was away on business for the Seattle Divisional event and then at the Smoke Fire and Thunder the Saturday NW Outlaw qualifying day saw an extreme storm go through and many teams left. Sunday Dan match raced Dane Lachelt. Dan had trans brake issues and Dane took the win. Two weeks on the September 12-13 weekend at the final NW Outlaw race Dan qualified with a career best 6.52 but lost in round one (again Trans Brake failure).

The team traveled to Woodburn the next weekend and Dan was off a bit in qualifying as he had tire issues. He ended up #6 with a 6.60

1 6775 Quentin Chambers, Bellingham WA, '07 Parker 6.068 225.62 225.62
2 7081 Dick Fearrien, Fortuna CA, '13 Sarmento 6.186 227.50 227.50
3 6915 Ryan Carlson, Maple Valley WA, '10 RCF 6.472 209.93 210.57
4 713 Tom Koenen, Tuscon AZ, '11 Spitzer 6.527 210.42 210.87
5 571P Anita Strasburg, Grand Junction CO, '09 Spitzer 6.599 204.40 204.40
6 61 Dan Provost, Abbotsford BC, '13 M&M 6.608 205.94 205.94
7 7730 Mike MacBrair, Napa CA, '09 Sarmento 6.663 204.26 204.63
8 6077 Chuck Glanz, Myrtle Creek OR, '12 Spitzer 6.689 198.85 199.86
9 6374 Toni Prockish, Anchorage AK, '10 Don Davis 6.793 196.46 197.19
10 63 Trevor Ritchie, Sherwood Park AB, '15 TNT 6.804 198.85 199.60
11 6738 Clint Geise, Renton WA, '14 Spitzer 6.829 193.05 193.67
12 7009 David Morgan, Concord CA, '12 Sarmento 6.833 194.25 194.25
13 6154 Kevin Chambers, Bellingham WA, '03 Hadman 6.854 199.07 199.07
14 X605 Derek Baxter, Red Deer AB, '15 Spitzer 6.933 192.88 193.46
15 6903 Paul Nero, Eugene OR, '14 Undercover 6.939 192.22 192.51
16 7826 Kyle Seipel, Pleasanton CA, '01 Undercover 6.963 164.02 174.35
17 6312 Greg Carlile, Lake Stevens WA, '07 Mullis 6.968 194.46 194.88
18 6610 John Chitwood, St. Helens OR, '01 Sarmento 6.971 191.08 191.08
19 6173 Kyle Hansen, Moses Lake WA, '95 Neil & Parks 6.980 173.37 173.37
20 6830 Gene Heaton, Vancover WA, '07 Racecraft 7.004 193.75 193.75
21 6217 Wes Garvin III, Pasco WA, '32 Bantam 7.039 186.21 186.37
22 660P Randy Pressel, Estacada OR, '01 Morrison 7.070 186.87 188.24
23 6031 Jeff Havens, Yakima WA, '08 Sarmento 7.084 188.71 189.03
24 6233 Cory Jackson, Poulsbo WA, '14 Mullis 7.110 188.63 188.63
25 S664 Sallie Sylvester, Clackamas OR, '08 Parker 7.129 190.03 190.03
26 6908 Nick Axtman Jr., Gig Harbor WA, '07 Mullis 7.151 185.98 186.21
27 6777 Tom Malicki, Brush Prairie WA, '09 Mullis 7.196 185.68 185.68
28 6092 Ed Hauter, Lynnwood WA, '11 Monden 7.240 184.12 184.12
29 718 Jeremy Sisneros, Hillsboro OR, '06 American 7.249 185.37 185.37
30 609 Andy Morris, Olympia WA, '10 Mullis 7.254 181.70 181.70
31 652 Arron Spitzer, Arlington WA, '08 TNT 7.262 183.41 183.41
32 6220 David Jackson, Poulsbo WA, '06 Mullis 7.292 184.35 184.35
33 6255 Tony Burton, Lacey WA, '07 Mullis 7.479 178.25 178.39
34 690W Terry Wilcox, Sumner WA, '05 Undercover 7.511 178.50 178.50
35 636H Mike Hilsendager, Eugene OR, '05 Undercover 7.575 176.95 176.95
36 627M Megan Lea, Enumclaw WA, '03 Mullis 7.639 170.90 171.23

In round one he faced Sallie Sylvester and got his usual great light, a .003. Sylvester was .011 on the tree so it would be a close race on paper. Unfortunately the car spun and fell of .07 and he fell .05 short at the finish line. He entered Super Pro and had a strong light again (.010). Dan dialed softer this time in anticipating the same run as TD round one, but the car picked up a few hundredths and he broke out by .024.

Dan ran at Mission the last two weekends and he put Trevor Lowe in the "Beach Ball". Trevor ran Super Pro and went as quick as 7.08 but lost in round one. The final race weekend Dan went a couple rounds in Super Pro then turned up the wick in the Beach Ball car and ran 7.03 best.

He will compete at the Las Vegas divisional in a few weeks to end the season.

Darien Provost finished off the season in Jr Dragster in second place in the standings just a few round back of good buddy Scott Sikora. He was the runner-up on Saturday on the last weekend. He finished the year with two wins and three runner-ups.


Darien's first time sitting in his future race car. They fired it up in the trailer. It was way cool!

Darien's good friend Scott Sikora, sponsored by Rad Torque Systems won the Jr Lightning championship at Mission Raceway. He had three wins and five runner-ups in 2015.

Two other RAD Torque Systems team racers were crowned track champions this year. Long time RAD employee Greg Doughty was the Super Pro championship with a great season including Four final rounds and two wins in those finals. He was 100 points ahead of runner-up Martin Rachel. After Greg's health struggles over the last couple years it is awesome to see him have such a great year.

We will have a feature on Greg in the next week or so.

John Tabak was dominant in Sportsman bracket winning the title with two races to go in the season. He went to six finals and won three of them in Sportsman. He also competed in Pro Bracket, running his Sportsman Pick-up without the electronic advantages that the regular Pro bracket racers use. He finished in 8th place in Pro Bracket reaching one final and going multiple rounds in nine of 13 races.

Al Quigley, one of Dan's main crew guys and Super Pro competitor finished in 5th place despite missing three events.



July 28, 2015


After a few weeks on the road Dan and the RAD team were back at home for the Lucas Oil Canadian National Open. It was not a good weekend for Dan or Darien. It started off good for Dan as he won round one of Super Pro and had a bye in round one of Top Comp, but his starter quit and he could not get to the starting line.

Unfortunately it rained on Sunday and they canceled Sunday's race.

The Seattle Divisional is next up the middle of August.

Darien won round one but lost one a red light in round two to eventual runner-up Emily Girard.

RAD team member Scott Sikora won Jr. Lightning with a great .004 rt in the final aganist Emily Girard

John Tabak the Sportsman hitter and MRP announcer was another team mate won won on Saturday.



July 15, 2015

It wasn't the Wally Dan wanted but he did win in Super Pro and it was in a new car. After Chicago, the team returned home to install the 632 sitting in the shop. After the install and the trip to Woodburn, pre-race testing did not go the way Dan wanted and Shane Molinari had been bugging Dan for a while to buy this car. The deal was too good to pass up so he bought it. After a couple testing runs he went into elimination's, and after a close round one loss and he decided to enter Super Pro. It was a good decision, as he went all the way and won the Wally and some cash to marginally offset the new purchase. The next stop is Mission for the National Open.

Dan with fellow Candian Dave Jung waiting to get their winner's circle photos after winning in Super Pro and Pro. (Facebook photo)


July 13, 2015

A real tough weekend in Chicago! Dan drove real well in early qualifying for Top Dragster and the car ran consistent, but in the final qualifier, the car nosed over slightly and when they returned to the pits they found a wounded head (and Head Gasket). They made the repairs and then in round one of the National event race, he dropped a close one when the car fell off again near the stripe. In returning to the pits they found damage again to the head (too bad to repair at the track). Dan went into the All-Star round one race hoping his opponent would maybe red light and Dan would collect a valuable point for Division Six. That did not happen though.

The team packed up and headed straight back home to install the spare bullet in the car so Dan could make the Woodburn Divisional event this coming weekend. It will be a thrash.

July 7, 2015

Doorwarz was up this past weekend and Dan drove the Firebird for the first time this year. He lost a close one in race one on Saturday to team member Kirk Lanz, and broke in qualifying in race two Sunday morning. He and the team are now off to Chicago for the TD event and the Jeg's All-star race.

July 1, 2015

A tough weekend at Billings for RAD team leader Dan Provost. He went out in round one in Top Dragster.

June 8, 2014

Mission Raceway's biggest NHRA race of the year is complete and it ended with both good and bad news. The good news is the RAD team and Dan got a bunch of very good exposure courtesy Ben Kuzma and The 'Province' Newspaper. A full page feature in the sports section in both the print and online versions was an unexpected but pretty cool and humbling experience. Thanks to the Province and SpeedZone Magazine for making this happen.

The weekend started well in qualifying Friday and Saturday as Dan ran a career best 6.539 @ almost 208 mph. In the Gamblers race on Saturday Dan has a solid .018 light but could not get the win and then on Sunday He cut a great .005 light but the early run under slightly cooler weather made the blown dragster run 2/100ths of a second quicker than anticipated and Dan broke out handing the win to Stan Essery.

RAD Torque team member Paul Nero had a better event as he went to the final for the second year in a row. The result for Paul was the same, a runner-up finish but still a good results against a very tough 33 car field.

Second round finishes were the best for other RAD racers.

May 31, 2015

Team RAD racer Scott Sikora runner-upped twice this past weekend at the Eagle Motorplex.

Another team member Al Quigley was a runner-up Sunday and a semi finalist Saturday.


Next weekend is a big one for the whole team as team leader Dan races in Top Dragster. He continues his defence of the Top Dragster class championship. Team RAD including Al Quigley, John Tabak, Joe Sorenson, Paul Nero, Steve Downes and the Plaizier family will all be competing at Mission as well in their respective classes. Shane Molinari will be at Englishtown racing the NHRA Pro Mod class


May 24, 2015

A little bit of excitement at Mission Raceway for the opening race of the year. Dan was racing his second TD in the Super Pro class and faced off against Bailie Lowe in Round one. Dan was off the gas and on the brakes. He took the stripe and was well past Bailie at 1500 feet. The car made a hard move left in front of Bailie and spun almost 300 degrees right in front of Bailie. Bailie had nowhere to go and hit Dan's dragster in the front half. The cars got tangled up for a couple seconds and then separated. Dan's front tire got caught up under Bailie's right front and that kept Bailie from steering his car and he scraped his car against the right guard rail before coming to a stop. Both drivers were okay (a little shaken up) but no worse for wear. Bailie and the lowe families 57 Chevy suffered mostly body damage and some steering component damage. Dan's car suffered front left damage including the front wheel broken off, body panel damage and left rear wheel and slick damage.

Both cars will go in for repairs real soon.

On a positive Note Darien Provost won Jr. Lightning Saturday. He defeated Dakota Rangers


Here is Dan's Car. Not too much damage

Friday testing at Mission Raceway


Other RAD competitors from Saturday.

John Tabak lost in round one in Pro and round two in Sportsman. Al Quigley went to the semi finals in Super Pro. Scott Sikora went to the final round in Jr. Lightning were team mate Darien defeated him.


May 20, 2015

Shane Molinari the RAD Pro Mod team driver just failed to qualifying for the tough Pro Mod field in Atlanta last weekend.

The BMH team will compete May 30-31 in St. Louis for the PDRA event and then head to Englishtown for the NHRA Pro Mod event.

Also at Boise last weekend Casey Plaizier Lost in round one of Super Stock and Eddy Plaizier went to the third round in Super Gas and earned a spot in the Jegs Allstars representing Division SIx.




Winner, Winner, Potato Dinner!!!! (we're in Idaho you know)

Dan defends his 2014 Divisional win with a repeat.

After self admitting he got lucky last year to win his first ever Divisional Wally here at Boise, this year was all business, especially on the tree starting with a .014 light in round one then going double '0' in round two (.001) to defeat fellow Canadian Gordie Castle. In the third round he took out Gerald Davenpeck with anoth double '0' (.003) light. Round four, the quarter finals he got the easy win over hitter Andy Morris, when Morris was .021 red. Dan ran it out (to get a solid back end number and was .006 under his 6.73 dial. The huge benefit to winning round four was the bye run he got in the semis and an automatic spot in the final round. His single was an easy .030 light and another run out the back door and a 6.728 on his 7.20 dial. In the final, he took on John Chitwood who was in the .02-.04 range all day long. Dan had the decided edge on the tree, but in a final round you can't go on the previous rounds to gauge how the final will go. Dan was really focused, and it paid off. He ripped off another double '0', (.001) to a .057 for John. That was all he needed to take an easy stripe and .04 margin at the finish line, running a 6.713 on his 6.72 dial. Chitwood was force .02 under his dial trying to stay ahead at the stripe. Dan took a bunch more stripe than needed but he knew the number he had and he eased off the gas 4 mph at the stripe.

After a tough opening race at the National event in Vegas a month ago, this win was huge! Could this be a start of a possible divisional repeat? who knows but the solid race Dan ran bodes well for the season. The new car is running awesome and the team has the car set up perfect. Dan would like to thank his crew including Leo, Pete, and Al and his engine builder Ken Sihota from Ken's Automotive for giving him a solid bullet and drive train.

#61 Dan Provost 0.001 6.713 199.05 (6.72 dial) defeated #6610 John Chitwood 0.057 7.058 190.08 (7.07 dial)

The next race is only three weeks away at Dan's home track Mission Raceway.

He also earned the top spot in the Jeg's Allstar for TD in Division Six and is planning a road trip East for the second year in a row.

Final qualifying

10 Canadian's raced at Boise and Dan Provost was the quickest BC driver. Bad weather affected all the Friday qualifying but Saturday was good enough to get in three sessions.

1 6000 Casey Tehle, Billings MT, Dragster 6.618 208.42 208.42
2 68 Mike Quayle, Red Deer AB, Mullis-Chevy 6.653 205.66 205.66
3 61 Dan Provost, Abbotsford BC, M&M-Chevy 6.777 201.49 201.49
4 602 Tim Wallace Jr, Meridian ID, American-Chevy 6.879 197.59 197.97
5 6077 Chuck Glanz, Myrtle Creek OR, Spitzer-Dono 6.918 194.52 194.52
6 713 Tom Koenen, Tuscon AZ, N&P-Chevy 6.922 195.76 195.76
7 6563 Gerald Devenpeck, Belfair WA, Monden-Chevy 6.931 193.54 193.54
8 615 Curt Smith, Stony Plain AB, CSM-Chevy 6.943 192.52 192.52
9 63 Trevor Ritchie, Sherwood Park AB, TNT-Snst 6.955 193.07 194.24
10 6374 Toni Prockish, Anchorage AK, Don Davis-Chevy 6.981 191.19 191.19
11 6312 Greg Carlile, Lake Stevens WA, Mullis-Chevy 7.027 194.35 194.35
12 65 Geordie Castle, Sherwood Park AB, TNT-Snst 7.095 190.03 190.03
13 6610 John Chitwood, St. Helens OR, Sarmento-Sunset 7.096 187.65 187.65
14 6210 Jon Riedel, Arlington WA, Racecraft-PAR 7.209 185.33 185.61
15 6245 Brian Carlquist, Zillah WA, Mullis-Morr 7.213 187.23 187.31
16 X605 Derek Baxter, Red Deer AB, Spitzer-Chevy 7.220 181.42 181.42
17 6308 Cody Hiatt, Boise ID, Davis-Chevy 7.336 183.39 183.49
18 609 Andy Morris, Olympia WA, Mullis-Chevy 7.338 178.38 178.38
19 6738 Clinton Geise, Renton WA, Spitzer-Dart 7.338 143.67 143.67
20 6031 Jeff Havens, Yakima WA, Sarmento-Snst 7.359 183.82 184.04
21 6908 Nick Axtman Jr., Silverdale WA, Mullis-Chevy 7.360 181.35 181.35
22 644 Blu Hayball, Fort Hall ID, TNT-Snst 7.376 181.42 181.42
23 6249 Francesca Giroux, Slave Lake AB, Mullis-Chevy 7.385 179.42 179.42
24 634 Dan Lafferty, Wendell ID, Dragster 7.387 182.40 182.40
25 777U Doug Johnson, Pleasant Grove UT, CNE-Chevy 7.389 182.33 182.33
26 T604 Jim Tattersall, Eden ID, Dragster 7.417 185.69 185.69
27 6667 Ken Nelson, Hayden Lake ID, Dragster-Chevy 7.421 181.11 181.62
28 652 Arron Spitzer, Arlington WA, TNT-Chevy 7.526 177.60 177.60
29 6784 Dwayne Wipf, Grande Prairie AB, Mullis-Chevy 7.587 176.70 177.16
30 6074 Keri Ebertz, Sherwood Park AB, TNT-Snst 7.610 176.37 176.37
31 6092 Ed Hauter, Lynnwood WA, Monden-DG 7.628 174.84 174.84
32 6130 Dave Senio, Rolly View AB, TNT-Sunset 7.753 172.87 173.63
33 718 Jeremy Sisneros, Hillsboro OR, American-Chevy 7.775 171.40 171.42
34 6903 Paul Nero, Eugene OR, Undercover-Hntv 7.808 171.60 171.60
35 690W Terry Wilcox, Sumner WA, Undercover-Schm 7.815 174.32 174.32
36 620T Jake Neibauer, Billings MT, '32 Bantam 9.373 94.20 94.20


April 13, 2015

The RAD Dragracing team leaders opening weekend does not quite go to plan.

Las Vegas ran its first major NHRA event of the year this past weekend, the Summit Racing Nationals. Three Pro classes, Top Alcohol and the Top Sportsman and Top Dragster classes are all in competition as well as the other Sportsman classes. It was Dan Provost's 2015 debut. The event was meant to be a test weekend for the team as they made a number of changes over the winter. A brand new 'state of the art' Coan Convertor was installed designed specifically for the 1700 hp blown Chevrolet. The motor had a compete overhaul and Ken's Automotive over the winter and Dan and the team hoped to come out guns a blazing. The first run was a soft 6.749, and round two saw a small improvement to a 6.743.

In round one of Elimination's, the car faltered. The trans break did not hold and the car rolled the beams causing a red light and an unexpected early exit. What a bummer! The problems were traced back to a faulty transmission and convertor issues.

Hopefully everything is fixed for Boise and we have a race like we did there last season. We go there as the defending champion.


March 30, 2015

Chris Gulitti wins Top Sportsman at Pine Valley Raceway in Lufkin, Texas

Gulitti one of the best Top Sportsman and Top Dragster competitors in the South Central area of the USA, won the Sunday Top Sportsman class at the Summit Pro - AM race in Texas. He got an easy win in the final when his opponent Arlie Boggs broke and could not make the call.



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